ThunderHeadz Founding Story “Necessity is the mother of invention”

The idea for ThunderHeadz came to him after visiting a tackle shop that sold offshore tuna trolling lures. Owen was awe-struck by their artistic beauty, and he wondered what other uses they could possibly provide. Soon enough, exposing these otherwise obscure lures to the world in a new and unique way became his mission and his passion.

He decided to take a leap of faith and combine his entrepreneurial spirit, his call to philanthropy, and his love for fishing and convinced his parents to provide some start-up capital to purchase some assets so he could formulate and implement the Thunderheadz mission: to design, manufacture and sell souvenirs to aid funding for the eradication of childhood brain tumors.

Due to personal circumstances, Owen was forced to end his formal education.  His love for entrepreneurship prevailed such that he transformed ThunderHeadz into his life’s work. As ThunderHeadz has grown, Owen has been able to donate 10% of each product sold to fund brain cancer research organizations.

All ThunderHeadz are eco-friendly, created, and manufactured in the USA through the hard work of Owen and his team, many of whom are either cancer survivors or have been affected by cancer in some way.