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My name is Owen Nannarone, and I am an inventor, explorer, and avid fisherman. Every day I am fortunate to be connecting my passions for inventing and fishing while supporting a cause that’s really important to me; the eradication of brain cancer. Before we go into that, let’s go back in time a bit.

My passion for invention and technology goes back to when I was young, and I was even featured in Wired magazine when I was 10 years old. Even back then I was focused on creating things that excite and interest me. That passion has continued to evolve, and still burns hot to this day.

Just a few years later, though, I suffered an challenging setback – a brain tumor. Over the next few years I fought and overcame the tumor, and have refused to let it hold me back. Rather than allowing it to define me, I have shifted my focus back to inventing with a renewed goal to help prevent others from dealing with this affliction the way I had to.

Enter Outrageous Souvenirs and the Thunderheadz product. Over the past three years I have used my passions for fishing and inventing and dedicated my time to building a company with a mission to design, manufacture, and sell amazing Souvenirs that fund the eradication of brain cancer. To do so, I have committed to contributing 10% of the company’s profits to organizations that fund brain tumor research.

It means a lot to me that you’re taking time to check out what I am working on, and it would be great to connect further! You can click here to check out the newest designs and collectibles from the Thunderheadz lineup, or use the links below to follow me on my journey. 

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